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Wonderful Tourist Spots of Taipei

Taipei is a tenacious little city. Its excellence lies in its culture blended with the Chinese. There are numerous celebrated and historical Taipei tourist spots which illuminate the tourists with its culture.

It is extraordinary compared to the best holiday destinations in the nation for shopping and nearby foods. Some of the places are dedicated to a museum which shows the history back to 5000-years.

The people, who visit the city out of the first time, generally miss the important and interesting Taipei tourist spots.

Taipei tourist spot

So we would like you to present you some beautiful Taipei tourist spots that are must visit during you’re your city visit:

Museum of World Religions

The gallery is established by the Buddhist order, however it chooses to build harmony by exhibiting the commonality of all religions.

This Taipei tourist spot contains all worlds’ awesome religious spots like Sikhism’s golden temple, Islam’s dome of the rock, Christianity’s charters cathedral and a lot of different interesting spots.

This museum conducts different exhibitions in regards to the information of different religions like painting and artifacts exhibitions. The museum enables the students to enhance their knowledge of different religions culture and their practices.

Taipei tourist spot

Taipei 101

In the past called as Taipei World Financial Center. It stayed as world’s tallest working until 2011. Presently the 101-floor building turned into the all-round center.

 The building includes the shopping mall with selective brands in all categories. This skyscraper considered as one of the adventurous Taipei tourist spots.

This building also incorporates the observatory which gives the surprising 360-degree panorama views. One of the world’s fastest elevators with a speed of 60.6 KM/H is in the building. The dining in one of the top floors will end your visit in a perfect way.

Taipei tourist spot

2-28 Peace Memorial Park

The first urban park in the country worked by the European workers. A standout amongst the most historical Taipei tourist spots because of the February 28 occurrence, the killings included the reasons of WWII. At the center of the park, stands a memorial remembering the 2-28 and a museum have been dedicated to the incident.

The park is loaded with the old trees, lakes, strolling pathways and historical antiques. Later the park  has changed into a serene place for the people to invest the energy with family and dates.

People have considered the park as one of the beautiful Taipei tourist spots.

Taipei tourist spot

TonghuaNight Market

The city’s popular night market, the place is best for them who look for the actual nightlife experience of Taipei. The most intriguing part is the taste if the nearby foods.

One of the surprising Taipei tourist spots where shopping is the best activity. You can discover distinctive variety of items like kitchenware, gems, riddles, lights and peace pipes.

Taipei tourist spot

Fong Da Coffee

One of the first coffee shops of Taipei which still the first equipment from 1956. The café dependably serves the whirling great brews.

 This is one of the famous Taipei tourist spots where a most extreme number of visitors to purchase the coffee beans or coffee-brewing machines.

Taipei tourist spot


So, what are you waiting for? Pack a bag and explore the world 🙂 Enjoy!

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