safer journey TRAVEL EUROPE With some travel ideas, you can plan a holiday trip to the United Kingdom

With some travel ideas, you can plan a holiday trip to the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is a sovereign country. It included four countries that are England, Wales, and New Ireland, Scotland.  It is the world first industrialized country and was one of the most powerful countries between 19th to 20th centuries. It is a well-developed country and is ranked 5th in the list of top world economic nation. It has a well-developed human development index and is financially very strong. It is well known for the nuclear power station. The GDP contribution from the United Kingdom is ranked 6th all over the world. It is a well-growing country in the field of the automobile. It is good to plan a holiday trip to this place.


If you are in the United Kingdom then you must try this travel and foods of the place:

The top visited tourist attractions you must check out while planning a holiday trip to this place:

  • Cambridge- It is situated in eastern England at the bank of river Cam, and it is well known for the Cambridge University.
  • Glasgow- It is the most important commercial hub for Scotland as well as for the United Kingdom. It had been the epicenter of shipbuilding. It is famous for hosting music concert, festivals, cultural fairs etc. the city was first set up with the motive to enhance the educations.
  • Oxford– The place is well known for its world-famous Oxford University. The university building id 74 feet tall, one can climb the top and have the view of the whole of the university. There is a huge library in the university, which had 25,000 books and now there are nine million books shelves and at a time 2500 readers can be inside.
  • London- There are ancients’ monuments, gardens and theaters are some of the most visited places in London.  Most of the tourist attraction place shows the history of the place. The Buckingham Palace and the iconic tower bridge are some of the sightseeing places of London.

 Famous food of the United Kingdom

  • Fish and chips– It is a street food which is mostly eaten by the British. It is a finger food which can be eaten by adding extra onions and salt.
  • The full English breakfast– It is a traditional breakfast which is eaten by most of the people staying there. Once you eat a full plate of it than you will hardly eat your lunch by noon.
  • The British banger- It is a non-vegetarian dish. The meat is kept in the sausage and rolled with different flavors. After being baked, it is served. It is believed to one of the most delicious food.

Hearing the word London everyone think about the luxury and comfortable life. It is a place where one should never miss going. If possible then one should plan a holiday trip at least once in life in order to absorb the culture and the vast development that the place is making. The night beside the Buckingham Palace will the memorable night. You will be amazed by seeing the light of the city at night.

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