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Visit Anaheim’s Theme Parks on a Budget

Anaheim, California, boasts a breathtaking abundance of theme parks, including Disneyland and all its sister parks, Knott’s Berry Farm, and Adventure City. Choosing to go to just one park during your visit is well-nigh impossible—although Disneyland is by far the most popular choice—but even after you pick, you have to consider all the costs involved. A vacation shouldn’t turn into a sacrifice, and if you’re smart with your money and wise with your planning, it won’t.

Look for the Official Discounts

You can find discounts for practically any amusement park in Anaheim—including Disney. While it’s true that the House of Mouse doesn’t offer any officially discounted tickets through its website, it works with several approved retailers and vendors that are fully authorized to sell you tickets at more affordable prices. With other amusement parks, you can either find deals through their websites or check out deal sites such as Groupon and LivingSocial.

Never Travel During Peak Season

Peak season is the enemy any time you visit a popular tourist spot—and Anaheim unquestionably counts. Visitors throng to California in the summer. They descend on Disney in droves. Every park is over-stuffed. The hotel rates are high as well. Bear in mind that they also skyrocket anything something’s happening at the city’s convention center. California’s climate stays mostly mild, so there’s no reason to travel there during the hot, sticky summer. Utilize Hotel Planner and search for Anaheim hotels to see what’s available during the off season. Avoid park hotels unless you opt for an all-inclusive vacation package.

Bring Your Own Beverages


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At all parks, costs for soda and even water are exorbitant. You over-pay for soft drinks that won’t quench your thirst, or you bust your budget on ice water. Forget that. See the park’s water bottle policy. You can usually bring in your own, and several places—including Disney—have water fountains and filling stations so you can keep refilling your bottle at no cost. Don’t waste your money on a novelty concoction.

Buy Everything Beforehand

Anything you can buy beforehand, do so. That includes pins or souvenirs, as well as food vouchers. Vouchers save you from paying as much the day-of, especially since there are opportunities to buy them in bulk. Remember that everything at the park is likely over-priced. A souvenir is no better or worse when you buy it there. The memories matter more.

Take It with You

What can you take with you? You can take your own water, obviously. Does your kid want to roam around in costume? That’s awesome! Just bring the one from home. You can spend a decent chunk of your budget buying something like that at the park. You can also bring your camera with you. Instead of letting employees charge you for the candid photos they snap throughout the parks, ask them to take a picture using your camera.

The major amusement parks aren’t cheap, but that doesn’t mean you have to go into debt trying to have a fun vacation. Learn from the people who have been there before, and save money where you can. How do you keep your trips low-cost?


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