International travelling it’s no longer option buy necessary to remain completive in the global market you have to travel, for growing threats to your organization are increasing and creating high risk environment for you and your, political turmoil, social unrest, disease, accidents happens on a daily basis to travelers in foreign locations, so how can you minimize the exposure to all the threats and remain profitable, here some of the points which you can consider to lower the risk while travelling –

Health Safety and Security –Health Safety and Security relies to travel is largely misunderstood or hasn’t in park ridge Stockport for many it focuses on one or exclusive disciplines so it’s purely helps aspect of truly safety and security or its purely a travel function so as a result what we find these days had lilltle connectivity or they have an alliance or increased influence associate with  one or more with those particular disciplines. The reality is in order to have a functioning and efficient and certainly applicable coverage management system is to ensure that no one of those disciplines unless you have a particular vulnerability or short term objective to increase that particular then it should be increased.

 Do Destination Research- We can reduce the travel risk by searching about the destination, search like where we have to stay, how to go to the destination, what is the weather forecast for the days I will be living there, you can also search about the infectious disease, political unrest and other things happening in the region. You should know almost everything about the region.

Leadership Choices and Management Tasks- The distinction and a differentiation between leadership and management is constantly at loggerheads when it comes to travel and certainly the travel risk management process their leadership choices and their management tasks associated, each should be clearly defined it should be a complimentary process but it should be also be understood as to who has what particular roles. Leadership choices in particular in terms of pursuit of new business and the dedication resources how rich the management system will be addressed, risk tolerance; culture appetite associated to the organization must be defined by an executive, individual or group  within business, increasingly individuals themselves play a role now is leadership choices that is the decision to travel to a location may be as a result that having a invested interest or identification to an opportunity or seeing a requirement to travel to that location, management tasks are different, tasks that are derived as actionable points things to do processing mentoring surveillance and so on.

Educate your travelers- Giving education to the travelers is the best way to aware them about the travelers risk, giving information about how to handle the situation in case of emergency, resources available to them etc. By educating people will know to handle different situation and how to tackle with them in difficult situations. We can educate people by different ways such as by conducting seminars, by giving article in the newspaper, sharing on facebook etc


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