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Travel Packing List – Do You Carry These Things?

I have seen people carrying those gigantic bag packs around with them I have no idea what they have carrying with them but I do have a opinion that they may have too many cloths and also way too many toiletries, I think where ever you go in this world people have similar needs as you so if you by any chance forget something or you want something along the way I have never seen any country in the world who doesn’t sell T-shirts or a country in the world where they do not sell toothpastes, you can always replenish that type of stuff, you can stuff like that basically anywhere you are gonna travel. Anyone should pack the things up in such a way that the things carried may be used for different situations like climates or any other thing like that, if you lack anything during travelling than it may result in problems and you will have to face them. The most important thing is to make a checklist before travelling it helps you to know the things that you will carry. So basically in this article I will give you some idea about what I carry during travelling and by this you can easily get the idea how to carry main things during travelling-

So let’s start with cloths I have got two pairs of sox, undergarments 3 pairs, 1 pair swimming shots with also can be used as sleeping shots or anything like that, one air of cargo, cargo shorts, two pair of extra shirts, a towel, a fleece depending upon where you are going, light weight flip flops, a cap, a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes, an extra lock, very minimal toiletries basically just a toothbrush, toothpaste, hand sanitizer for all the street food eating, sunscreen, a couple of books, a small little bible.

Next up with the electronics, I carry an external hard drive with me, all kinds of charger battery charger small junky cell phone of calling purpose only, a universal charger,  I would not necessarily recommend that if you do not need it but for any important work you can take it, couple of pens and a notebook and lastly my wallet credit cards, cash and other wallet which I keep inside my pants and I usually keep my main credit cards,  cash, passport, and some extra passport size photos in case of visa if you are travelling abroad . Additionally along with all these that above I mentioned I also carry a digital camera with a microphone.

Now come to the bags I would carry first one is a low pro slingshot bag and generally I put my camera as well as keep some small accessories, some books, important valuable and stuffs like that, the next bag is bigshot, it has little extra padding for supporting your back, it is a very good bag to carry laptop, extra pouch and stuff like that, it is strong lightweight and comfortable.

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