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Top Weekend Getaways From Delhi & Chandigarh

You should see what it is popular for right next to the name of that weekend spot, and you easily know which one to choose. The list also includes valuable tourist information, including city attractions.

Kalimpong: Hill and nature

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Kalimpong is your own heaven if you are a mountain-child. This hill station, filled with colonial houses, should bring your soul happy. Here is the renowned Durpin monastery on the peak. Don’t think about your stay, because in that region you’ll have many choices.

We will recommend that you live a long weekend because it takes about 15 hours to reach Kalimpong from Kolkata.

Badami: History

Although a stunning historic getaway through the region, Badami is going to make you fascinated by its ruins of ochre. The Badami’s rock-covered temples speak of a mythical past and provide you with a snapshot of the patrimony of Badami Chalukyas (540 to 757 AD) reign.

Warangal: History and nature

Warangal is among the best places to visit near Hyderabad without any other thinking, with its sparkling lakes, rich biodiversity, and heritage that melt your heart. Although it is a famous spot for family getaways, it is also popular with university students. Whether you want to look back on ancient times or breathe fresh air, this is the place!

Horsley hills

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What can you do when the name itself hits a chord? Horsley Hills behaves like a sanctuary from the city’s chaos. This place’s serenity calms the senses throughout. Trek to the hilltop for mesmerizing views, witness the wildlife of Koundinya Wildlife Sanctuary & Elephant Sanctuary; the possibility never seems to cease if you ‘re on a weekend getaway.

Hampi: History

Hampi can allow you to believe in time travel as one of the most famous places in southern India until you see yourself as a king in the past. It was built in the 15th century and operated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as a hub for the Hindu capital of the Vijayanagara Empire. The beauty of local art and indeed unreal nature is a great place to bear witness to.

Puducherry: Beach And Culture

The French territory in India, with brilliantly decorated houses and beaches, is Puducherry or Pondicherry. This is a great getaway for people from Bangalore and Chennai who want to see the classic architecture and to experience¬†the wonderful French delights. It is indeed one of India’s best places to swim.

Mysore: Heritage

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Mysore, a city of kingship, draws travelers from around the world with the opulent Palace Mysore, particularly from Bangalore and Chennai. Mysore Palace is still a royal house and an architectural jewel for all. There are other locations in Mysore as well as the palace such as the Palace of Jaganmohan, Zoo of Mysore and Temple of Chamundeshwari.

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