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Top things to do in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is one of the most pleasant travel destinations for all. You need enough time to do everything you can do here. Here are some suggestions.


Corn Island activities

The Corn Islands, off the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua, are a popular spot for beach activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing etc. Among the two islands here; Little Corn is the cheaper one, with quiet, backpacker-friendly atmosphere. Big Corn is home to larger, more expensive resorts and restaurants. This is known to be one of the friendliest places in Nicaragua.


Ziplining in Mombocho

The Mombocho Canopy tour is one of best among many in Nicaragua. Starting from Granada, an early morning truck ride though cacao groves, bamboo forests, and a coffee plantation will take you to your destination. From there, you will zip line over the treetops, with a view of Lake Colcibolca. In the end, you will jump off a 60-foot platform, built on top of a huge tree, to the ground. Supervised by experienced guides, this is quite a rush for about $30.


Travel tips: This activity is recommended for people above age 10 and weighing between 70 and 250 pounds.

Volcano Surfing in Cerro Negro Travel

Cerro Negro volcano, near the city of Leon, is one of only two travel destinations for volcano surfing in the world. Not for the faint of heart, this is one of those extreme adventure experiences which become quite a story to tell.


Touring companies will provide you with protective clothing and boards to surf down the active crater. You can also try to run down the 41-degree slope of this active crater, just be careful about not tripping and tumbling down into shards of volcanic ash. Walking up the crater, with its lava-spitting fumaroles and strong wind is also as exciting as going down. However, try to go in the morning, as higher temperature during the afternoon will make the uphill journey much harder.

Go for Miraflores hike

The hike through Miraflores national park in Esteli, northern Nicaragua is a one-of-its-kind experience. Wander through a beautiful cloud forest, small farms, rivers, and waterfalls — with hardly any tourist around. You can take a daylong trek for $15 USD (includes 2 meals and a mandatory guide), or a multiday trek, which will enable you to stay with local host families in small communities and. All the money from these tours goes to support the local community.


Christ of the Mercy statue hike

A short pleasant hike from San Juan del Sur beach will take you to the Christ of the Mercy statue. For a small entry fee of $2, you can enjoy the breathtaking view from the top. Put this short walk in your to-do list.


Surf Romanzo beach

A short bus ride from San Juan del Sur will take you to Playa El Remanzo. This small beautiful beach is a great surfing spot for beginners. You can rent a surfboard for the whole day for just $10 USD. There are two small restaurants here, which serve delicious tacos. This will be the best of honeymoon places for young couples. More seasoned surfers can go to Maderas or Hermosa beaches about 30-45 minutes drive away.


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