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Top Places You Must Visit In Portugal

If you’ve always dreamed about visiting a destination that can jealousize your family, then plan a trip to Portugal. Splendid castles, breathtaking resorts, beautiful sunny seaside towns, spectacular cobblestones, tasty delicacies, and cheap wine render Portugal one of the best European destinations. This is a great place. Then, melt your heart at some of Portugal’s must-visit sites. Below is a collection of attractions in Portugal that are sure to make your trip to Portugal memorable.


Coimbra is a charming city located in Central Portugal on the Mondego river and houses a wealth of historical sites, beautiful gardens, fado music of the country’s second style, and a lively culture centered on one of the oldest universities in Europe. One of Coimbra’s best things are actually to get lost by visiting the many architectural sights, from the beautiful Old Cathedral to Santa Clara-a-Velha Gothic Monastery that contains the tomb of queen Isabel. By attending Coimbra University one of the most magnificent libraries in the country, the Joanina building, would not be full without a trip.


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Lisbon is a perfect postcard destination renowned for its ancient ruins, rich heritage, cobblestones, White Dome cathedrals, stunning museums and old school tram rides. Lisbon is a perfect postcard destination. The highlights in Lisbon are Sao Jorge Castle, Gothic Jeronimos Monastery, and Belem Tower from the 16th century.

Wander around Braga

It is the ideal place to see some of Portugal’s most spectacular architecture and past, situated very nearby in Porto and Amarante. Make sure that you visit the incredible Bom Jesus do Monte… ohh, take a bottle of water–more moves can make even the greatest breathless Olympian!


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The Azores Archipelago consists of nine Caribbean volcanical islands situated about 1,500 km west of Lisbon. The island has its own interesting personality, renowned for its world-class watching of whales, warm mineral springs, and quaint seaside villages. São Miguel is the Azores ‘ largest island and is called “Green Island,” whereas Pico is home to Portugal’s highest mountain.


Also, Guimaraes, Portugal’s World Heritage Site and Portugal’s first capital city, is UNESCO World Heritage Site.  In Guimaraes, there are many wonderful sights that visitors will visit throughout their tour of Portugal. The Cathedral of São Miguel do Castelo, Guimaras Casted and the Duke of Braganza Castle are among the well-preserved medieval buildings in Guimaraes. Besides this, cycling in Penha Park can be appreciated.

Explore the town of Amarante

Amarante is a perfect place to explore certain history of this beautiful region not far from Porto in the north of the country. Look out for the glorious Ponte São Gonçalo arched bridge, walk along the riverfront route, where you will find several independent bars and restaurants along the street. You can’t resist the delicacies!


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Hugging the Atlantic coast of Portugal, Aveiro is often recognized as “Venice of Portugal” because its beautiful bridge-lined picturesque scenery of canals is full of vibrant gondolas and speed boats. Aveiro is a popular tourist destination as well as historical sites, beautiful beaches and delicious cuisine. The Cathedral of Aveiro, Chapel of São Gonçalino, and Convento de Jesus are among other attractions of Aveiro. All these deliver beautiful architecture and works of art.

See the village built around a rock 

Monsanto is one of the most special towns that you’ll ever visit, a small village near to the Spanish boundaries. It is a quiet and picturesque little area of less than 1,000 inhabitants that is meant to be. Go to Adega Tipica O Cruzeiro for a delicious food and a great view of the city.


Lagos is another great place for those chasing fun, beaches and beautiful backdrops. Lagos is also a great place to go! You can also experience the ideal sun tan on some of the beautiful beaches here, in a lovely European resort, and explore the magnificent Castle of Lagos, the Ponta de Piedade cliffs and Igreja de Santo Antonio, as well as ornate beaches. This small city is one of the best places to rest and have a lazy afternoon with some great food in Portugal.


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The bustling city of Porto spreads over the hills overlooking the River Douro in northern Portugal–the most renowned for its development of good port wine. The center of Porto is the lovely Ribeira, the footpath of the river, which bustles with live music, coffee shops, restaurants and streets. The Ponte Dom Luis, a metal-based, two-deck arched bridge which connects Porto to Vila Nova de Gaia, famed for its harbor cellars, is dominating this iconic tourism region.

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