Top Incredible Natural Wonders in Asia

Asia is a large part of our Earth’s world. There are so many natural phenomena–from the world’s largest peak to Maldives ‘ sunniest beaches. We have selected 10 magnificent wonders of nature that you will see once in your life.

Living Bridges in Cherrapunji, India

Image result for 1. Living Bridges in Cherrapunji, India

Lush rainforests, which in Asia are considered the best habitats, are located in the north-east part of the world. Specific unique plants, including Ficus Elastica, are growing here that enable local people to create live bridges from their roots. The technique is obviously essential: the area is Earth’s west level, and wood bridges are only rotting. While a living bridge will take from 10-15 years, the practice has been around for more than 500 years.

Why to go there?

In Cherrapunji and Nongriat Village, Tree Root Bridges are the main tourist attraction. Meghalaya is also a popular tourist destination owing to its varied ecosystems, which are not different from other parts of India.

Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand, India

In August and September, the location of World Heritage is thriving as whole. This is the most picturesque flowery field in the country if Namaqualand isn’t on your lane! The valley is also home to numerous threatened species and is located inside the Himalayan region. Joshimath is the closest town: the road leads from there to the valley. Yet ready your walking boats because it takes a ton to move.

Why to go there?

Forest Service licenses are required for the tourists. However, it certainly worth seeing as it is that the place that you have ever seen the most glamorous and vibrant!

Gokyo Cho Lake, Nepal

The Gokyo Lakes system’s largest lake extends through the National Park of Sagarmatha. In the incredible mountainous climate, the glacier-food lakes are embedded and have both the Hindus and Buddhists’ religious significance.

Why to go there?

Head there in August, during Janai Purnima, where pilgrims bathe in the pool.

Kelimutu, Moni, Flores Island, Indonesia

Image result for 4. Kelimutu, Moni, Flores Island, Indonesia

There are three spectacular top lakes in varying shades in one volcano. Black, green or blue is the waters of the reservoirs. It switches, therefore, owing to the volcano’s haze and triggers chemical reactions.

Why to go there?

Locals claim that the lakes are a spot of relaxing for their forefathers. The watercolor is, according to the custom, the spirits ‘ moods. The colors of the lake can never be expected since they often switch white and black.

Ban Gioc, China, Vietnam

The magnificent waterfall separates the two nations. Originally, the rocks that divide two waterfalls are broken into many smaller dives. Following Iguazu, Victoria and Niagara Falls, this is the fourth-largest cascade, a regional frontier.

Why to go there?

In such magnificent settings, too, are many native plant species. The Vietnamese side better looks at the double waterfall, but it is also accessible from China.

Huanglong, China

This picturesque location in Chinese means “Pink Demon.” Huanglong is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the Minshan Mountains. The vivid terraced pools are one of the most familiar and picturesque locations among numerous natural wonders here. There are several temples and Buddha portraits throughout the nature reserve spread across the city.

Why to go there?

Huanglong is the home of threatened Giant Panda and Sichuan Golden Snub-Nose Monkey, alongside lakes, waterfalls, hot springs and mountains.

Mount Everest, the Himalayas

Image result for 7. Mount Everest, the Himalayas

Everest is the highest peak on Earth, located on the boundary of Nepal, Tibet, and China. The Himalayas deliver breathtaking landscapes, mountain lakes, and picturesque tours and, of course, climbing opportunities.

Why to go there?

Just the people go up the mountain and that is the test of life. However, everyone will consider a perfect walking or climbing path.


The island communities of the Indian Ocean are a true natural wonder. The most popular vacation spot in the world is a clean, sandy beach, smooth, warm water, and abundant marine life.

Why to go there?

Apart from the beautiful scenery, there are other resorts that are absolutely memorable for your travel to the Maldives.

Son Doong Cave, Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park, Vietnam

So big is the world’s biggest cave, it might accommodate a building of 40 floors! Forest and river in it are 9 km (5,5 mi) wide. The magnificent grotto was only found in 2010. Inhabited by monks and flying foxes, the forest is known among adventurers as the Garden of Edam. Within this location is a true underworld!

Why to go there?

One of Earth’s most special locations. Cave Perls–the calcite crystals, developed over the ages, make up Son Doong beautiful. Today, too, there are 300 million years aged fossils. Throughout the river and waterfall, new plant species were found.

Mayon Volcano, Albay, Philippines

Image result for 10. Mayon Volcano, Albay, Philippines

The high cliffs of the volcano are precisely symmetrical. Mayon is active, with periodic eruptions. The volcano spat ash and rock in 2013 and created a layer five hundred meters above the top. Five climbers were killed who were heading to the roof.

Why to go there?

Mayon is actually a beautiful mountain, one of the most lovely volcanoes. It is therefore risky so that the climbers are mostly committed explorers.

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