Top 7 Weekend Getaways Near Pune

Your adventure course? You should go on with your relatives, colleagues, or alone with 7 weekends close Pune. Are you up, are you packed? Let’s just go: Let’s go:

1. Dehna – For A Fairytale Holiday

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Weekend with a difference–that’s the charm of Dehna. A visit to Dehna almost seems to be in a fairy land. It is a wonderful mix of rejuvenation and holiday in the countryside. The village of Dehna is located in the center of the mountains of peoples, secret shrines and streams of fresh water. It is one of Pune’s best weekend tours.

2. Velas – For Meeting Olive Ridley Turtles

Velas is a town in Maharashtra district of Ratnagiri, renowned for the turtles of Olive Ridley. Such tortoises frequent the Vellas beaches every year in winter to hatch their larvae. It is an impression of a very lifetime when children’s tortoises came out of eggs and go on ice. In addition to its reputation for beautiful beaches, forts and mouthwatering authentic Konkani cuisine, Velas also has a rehabilitation center for tortoises.

3. Lavasa – For Scenic Waterfalls 

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Lavasa is a honeymoon trip you will never forget, one of the most open places near Pune. Go for an exquisite greenery by a taxi from Pune. There are little tea and treats for fast breaks on the way to Lavasa on the windy road. Beautifully cozy, it has lovely waterfalls and lush greenery all around in small hills. Still, for an easy and relaxed stay there are the finest of hospitality labels.

4. Wai – For Breathtaking Architecture

Wai has never been a popular weekend destination as a small town in the district of Satara but it certainly rises in the summer as one of the best weekends near Pune. Viraatnagari is one of the historic sites to explore in the area of Pune, some 100 kilometers away. The indigenous people claim Pandavas lived during their exile with King Viraat of Wai. Ancient temples and some beautiful buildings can be found in nearly every corner of the city. If you want to go from Pune to Pune within 100 kms for the weekend, that’s it.

5. Lohagad Fort – For A Blend Of Nature And Heritage

Lohagad Fort is located at a height of 3400 feet, one of the finest and most magnificent places to visit near Pune, 150 kilometers away. The fort is the perfect weekend getaway near Pune in the summer, mixing the natural beauty of the mountains and the beautiful architecture. This location brings charm with its panoramic view and cool mountain air.

6. Sinhagad – For Endless Adventure

One of the few places to visit around Pune within 50 km is Sinhagad, a magnificent hill fortress. It may not be the perfect place for those searching for historical stories, or those interested in Marathan’s glorious history, but it’s a place for tourists who are looking for panoramic views, vast green mountains and several outdoor sports such as cycling.

7. Murud Janjira – For Delightful Boat Rides

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Murud Janjira is one of country’s most strong maritime forts located on an oval-shaped base. Completed in the 15th century, the castle sits alongside the glowing blue waters of the Arab Sea and looks perfectly picturesque. The fort can be approached by sailing, which brings a little spice and anticipation. Anyone finding places to visit in the vicinity of Pune within 200 km would enjoy this weekend.

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