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Top 10 Hill Stations In India

1. Kufri


The name Kufri means a “Lake” and is situated in the Indian condition of Himachal Pradesh at a normal rise of 2,290 meters above ocean level. The district once went under the Kingdom of Nepal and was vanquished by the British and was set up as a slope town in 1819. Because of the high rise the summers are wonderful and cool with a few pinnacles and perspectives of the Himalayas.

2. Nahan


The central station of the Sirmaur locale in Himachal Pradesh, Nahan is situated at an elevation of 932 meters above ocean level in the Shivalik Ranges of the Himalayas. The city was established by Raja Karam Prakash a Rajput kind in 1621 and ignores some superb green hillocks of the shivaliks. The best circumstances to visit the place is amid the winter months when the atmosphere is the most charming.

3. Agastya Mala


Situated inside the Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary in Tamil Nadu, the mountains are a part of the Agastya Mala biosphere save and impart its districts to three states in Southern India. The slopes are situated at a height of 1,868 meter tall and are known for their trek courses, inexhaustible characteristic vegetation, and pleasant slopes of the Western Ghats.

4. Malshej Ghat


Malshej Ghat alludes to a high mountain pass situated in the condition of Maharashtra in the Western Ghats. Malshej Ghat is best gone to between the times of October till March as the storms can encounter substantial downpours and avalanches. The pass offers probably the most beautiful perspectives of the valleys alongside a few types of fauna, waterfalls and the thick timberlands.

5. Jowai


Encompassed by the Myndtu River in the condition of Meghalaya, Jowai is situated at a normal rise of 1380 meters above ocean level. The high heights make the atmosphere in Jowai lovely lasting through the year with gentle summers and nippy winters. The streams, valleys and crests in Jowai alongside the uncommon rainstorm celebrations make Jowai an incredible place to visit and beat the late spring heat.

6. Cherrapunjee


With its World Record for the most precipitation in a schedule month, Cherrapunjee is a slope station in Meghalaya. The town is situated at a rise of 1,484 meters above ocean level and the temperatures seldom go past 23 degrees amid daytime. Being one of the wettest places on earth, Cherrapunjee encounters substantial precipitation and ought to be abstained from amid storms. The green slopes and the waterfalls combined with the charming atmosphere makes Cherrapunjee an absolute necessity visit.

7. Aizawl

aizawl-city (1)

Arranged at a rise of 1,132 meters above ocean level Aizawl is the state capital of Mizoram. The town appreciates the most charming of summers and winters because of its high height and is encompassed by the Tlwang and Tuirial waterway valleys. The customary towns situated in the midst of the slopes and the superb tops with a few trek courses make Aizawl an awesome slope station goal.

8. Kohima


Imparting its fringe to Burma (Myanmar), Kohima is the capital of the Indian condition of Nagaland. The town is situated at a normal rise of 1,444 meters above ocean level and appreciates a cool and calm atmosphere lasting through the year. The fundamental fascination separated from the perspectives of the slopes and the beautiful surroundings is the yearly Hornbill Cultural celebration held every year in Kohima.

9. Namchi


Situated in the Indian condition of Sikkim, Namchi is one of the greatest journeys of the Buddhism supporters in India and is arranged at a normal rise of 1,315 meters above ocean level. The atmosphere of the place because of the high height remains cool and charming in summers and cold in winters. Namchi is popular for its perspectives of the snow-clad Himalayan pinnacles, including the compelling Mount Kanchendzonga.

10. Pelling


Pelling is situated in the condition of Sikkim at a height of 2,150 meters above ocean level. The town is quick forming into a prime vacationer area with a few inns and visitor lodging rising in the region. Pelling not just gives some incredible perspectives of the Himalayas and Mount Kanchendzonga but at the same time is a popular setting place for the different Himalayan trek courses. Trekkers generally make Pelling their home base before moving to higher courses.

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