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The Top Things to Do in London (Part-1)

Ever since there is so much to see and to do in the British capital, London attracts millions of visitors from all over the world every year. Planning a trip to London may be overwhelming, particularly if you have little time, but there are a variety of sights and activities to be highlighted. London provides unique and thrilling experiences, many of which are open for tourists, spanning from institutions such as the British Museum, the Tate Modern and historic sites like Big Ben and Kensington Palace. There are many of London’s best stuff.

Visit the Harry Potter Studio Tour

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Head north for Leavesden to the Warner Bros film studio, where the Harry Potter Tour will provide fans and casual audiences with an informative and interactive experience. A walk through the stage, sets, and locations of the Harry Potter movies, including the Forbidden Forest, Gringotts and Hogwarts, that must be booked several months ahead, brings you across the city. Allot 2 to 3 hours for the ride, plus additional time for the coffee and clean the gift shop for the right wall with butterbeer. The tour frequently offers special events during the winter season, such as Hogwarts in the Snow. The building is easily accessible from central London, either by Euston train or bus.

Tour Kew Gardens

Kew, the Royal Botanic Gardens, has a large variety of flora, fauna and art installations. This is also known as Kew Gardens. The Gardens in the vicinity of Richmond have over 50,000 living plants, from lush greenhouses to a bamboo garden through a hike to the treetops. It’s impossible to see all in a day, so plan ahead and do some work on what you want (do not skip the Hive, a bees installation). Tickets can be reserved or purchased online on the door ahead and children and families often have special events. While there are restaurants and cafes in the suburbs, in Kew or in Richmond, it is best to plan a lunch that is easily reached by rail.

Snap a Photo at Abbey Road

In St. John’s Wood’s Abbey road studios the Beatles have been famously recording their album “Abbey Road.” Unless you are a real musician who is able to record there you can’t visit the building, tourists won take a photo of the ice-crew and see the Abbey Road Store, which offers souvenirs from Beatles. The crossing can be challenging since it is on a busy road and always full of tourists, so you want to get a shot of yours as soon as possible in the morning. Walk down to 34 Montagu Square in Marylebone while you are in the city, to locate the former home of John Lennon, which can be pointed out from outside thanks to the blue plaque.

Explore Portobello Road

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The picturesque area has a vast number of restaurants, bars and shops, and Portobello Street, a street that sells vintage products and merchandise. Notting Hill’s panoramic road is renowned for its many cinemas, such as’ Notting Hill’ and’ Actually Love.’ It’s a great place to stroll and browse, but Portobello Road also is a great place to have a dick and feed. Watch for the Electric Diner, Eggslut (L.A.), and The Distillery, which creates its own freshwater. The famed Blue Door of Hough Grant on 282 Westbourne Park Road, just off Portobello can be seen among movie fans, as well as Alice’s, “Paddington’s Antique Store.”

Ascend Sky Garden

Book online a free daily admission for entry to the indoor Garden of Sky Garden and the 35th Fenchurch Street gallery in London City. Although many tourists to London demand an access fee, Sky Garden is convenient for individuals, couples and groups to use. Indoor restaurants and cafes, as well as seating and relaxation areas, are available. This extends 360 degrees and has a deck with views of the water. Online booking is open three weeks in advance, but it’s important to buy tickets at certain times of the day before you show up (although Sky Garden allows visitors to walk up). From there take a walk to London’s Tower, a great addition to a Sky Garden tour.

Stroll Through the British Museum

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The British Museum holds millions of objects and items from around the world, including Rosetta Stone, an Egyptian mummy archive and historical Trojan artifacts. It is available to the public every day and frees so that you can either come or intend on visiting the collections for several hours. Different exhibits also include a paying fee, and both children and adults enjoy the experience. Phone on Fridays before 8:30 p.m. when the museum is accessible. Food and drink for cases.

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