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Best Places To Visit In Ooty (Part-2)

Mini Car Museum – A Unique Experience You just don’t support the thumbnails? Okay, that’s

Best Places To Visit In Ooty (Part -1)

Should you plan to take a holiday in South India early, here are some of

7 Top Tourist Places to Visit in North India

Think of India and it is possible that there will come to mind images of great fortifications, palaces, and temples set in the backdrop with bright colors and tradition. This is what India offers and more! North India. The region’s rich beauty is shown in these top tourist spots in Northern India. Taj Mahal, Uttar Pradesh In Agra, the Taj Mahal is the most famous

Top 10 Must Visit Honeymoon Destinations in India

1. Ranikhet Situated in the condition of Uttarakhand, Ranikhet is a cantonment town oversaw by

Top 10 Hill Stations In India

1. Kufri The name Kufri means a “Lake” and is situated in the Indian condition