safer journey Travel Style Switzerland: Another paradise on Earth.

Switzerland: Another paradise on Earth.

Switzerland is amongst one of the most attractive place which has grabbed attention of globetrotter because of its mind capturing 360 degree views. The prominent feature which attracts tourist worldwide is the numerous lakes and its citizens which resemble more of the fictional story “Heidi”. Whatever a traveler can ask for on his trip, Switzerland has all. While planning your visit to this wonderful place don’t forget to visit following places-

  • Interlaken- Earlier known as a watch making center, Interlaken is now a popular tourist spot. People visit this place for getting spa treatments while enjoying the fresh air of mountain and not-to-mention, spa grabbed popularity from this place only. A visitor can grab a spectacular view of 3 famous Swiss mountains namely The Jungfrau, the Monch and The Eiger. To add on to its popularity is its base camp, which is excellent for outdoor activities. Travelers can enjoy a famous Swiss dish known as roulette that is made from cheese.
  • Lausanne- It is an excellent place for sports lovers and athletes. It is also known for the world’s best ski slopes. It is enriched with wonderful outdoor markets. It is the second largest city which is situated on Lake Geneva. Famous writers The Shelleys, Lord Byron and Ernest Hemingway belong to Lausanne.
  • Geneva- The city holds true to international influences by serving home to the European headquarters of the UN and International Red Cross Committee. Geneva is also known as the city of parks because 20 % of the land is occupied by the parks and hence named as the green city. While in Geneva, backpackers should not miss exploring the city by bike or feet and boat ride on the lake is something which should be missed at.
  • Zurich- It is one of the largest cities of Switzerland, which has attracted tourists worldwide because of its 50 museums and hundred art galleries.It’s an excellent place of buyingSwiss clad products and when you get tired of your shopping then you can enjoy a boat ride or hike down to nearby mountains. City boosts excellent night life with numerous night clubs. Another must watch is the Swiss National Museum which is based on Switzerland’s cultural history and is situated in a fairytale castle.
  • Lake Geneva-While travelling to Switzerland, a visitor need not forget to visit Lake Geneva, the largest lake in Europe. Elegant cities and towns are the main center of attractions which surround the lake. Tourist can enjoy both hiking and skiing once he is at this spot. Jura Mountains lie to its North, in the center its lane hilly and Alps in the southwest presents a picturesque which a tourist will not want to miss out.
  • Lucerne- It is one of the prettiest cities which are full of Lakes, Mountains and city life. It has most photographed monument of the 14th century in Switzerland named Chapel Bridge and Water Tower along with Dying Lion carved out of rock to pay tribute to Swiss mercenaries. A tourist can enjoy delicacy like Luzerner Chugelipastete which is made from local puff pastry and mouthwatering mushrooms soaked in a cream sauce.
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