safer journey Travel Style Nepal: An excellent place for religious and nature lovers.

Nepal: An excellent place for religious and nature lovers.

Nepal is one of the most visited places amongst the religious people who wish to spend some time in the peaceful and silent arena. If peace is what you are searching in your life, then Nepal is the right place for you to visit. Here are the names of the few places which should make entry to your itinerary while visiting the country-

  • Kathmandu city-The city is famous for the temple of Living Goddess who bestows blessings from her balcony of residence, Kathmandap. The city is also called Kathmandap, which is made from single’ trees, timber enriches with an array of temples which makes it an exciting place for God believing people.
  • Dakshinkali- This famous temple of Kali which lies 19 Km from Kathmandu is a famous temple of Goddess Kali. In this temple every Tuesday and Saturdays animals like Chickens, Goats and ducks are sacrificed.
  • Pashupatinath- It is a famous Hindu temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is situated on the bank of river, Bagmati and has attracted tourists from across the globe because of its carved silver doors and gilded roof. A massive annual pilgrimage is held on Shivratri, the famous festival of Lord Shiva, which falls in February or March.
  • Boudanath- The Stupa which is situated 11 Km from Kathmandu is a famous Stupa worldwide. Most amazing sight is the 4 pairs of eyes which are at four different directions which arebelieved to be peeping into human prosperity. The base is of octagon and inside it you will find inset prayer wheels.
  • Swayambhunath- It is amongst that best place of Nepal which falls under the category of must-watch. It is situated on a small hillock with an array of small Stupas and temples in its vicinity.
  • Bhaktapur- It is literally known as a city of devotees. You will find fine medieval art and architecture at this place. It is 14 Km away from Kathmandu city towards east and is of conch shell shape. If you have a sufficient time, then 30 minutes’ walk will help you visit the nearby Pujari Math and Dattatraya temple.
  • Nagarkot- This place presents a mesmerizing view of Mt. Everest and one can capture the glimpse of other Himalayan peaks from this place as well. It is situated at 2229 Mt above the sea level. A globe trotter can get the best view of sunset and sunrise from this place.
  • Patan- It being another must visit place which is 5 Km from the capital city is well known as the city of fine arts. There are 4 Stupas and it is believed that these Stupas were built by Emperor Ashoka in the 3rd century A.D.
  • Pokhara valley-It is the adventure’s capital and second most famous tourist destination. You can see shadow of a massive wall of Himalayas, which is dominated by Annapurna range. It is an exciting place for trekkers.
  • Phewa lane- it is a well known place for shopping lovers and exciting place for tourists as you will find ample hotels and handicrafts shop here.
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