safer journey Travel Style Italy: A hot destination for fashion freak and foodies.

Italy: A hot destination for fashion freak and foodies.

A fashion freak traveler who is interested in stunning landscape and love eating top class cusinies then Italy is the right place for him to visit. This Southern Europe country is a boot shaped country and one time visit is not just enough to explore its maximum places. It would take a globetrotter lifetime to explore this wonderful and up to date city. Before planning to visit Italy, tourist should make a list of following mentioned places-
  • Naples- It is the capital city of Southern Italy and hence the busiest metropolitan city of the country. The city holds good names for both art lovers and the travelers who havea keen interest in the history of the nation. It has an excellent collection of vibrant shops, mouth-watering restaurants and amazing and enjoyable nightlife. Pizza, Pasta and Parmigiana are some of its famous food variety which has captured youngster’s taste buds. These delicacies are made from fresh ingredients, thus offering a tantalizing taste to the travelers.
  • Sicily- The city Sicily is famous for Europe’s tallest active volcano, Mount Etna. It is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and it includes many islands as well. You will find a combination of both art and history, and if its like you are searching for the Agrigento valley of the temples to Palermo’s Baroque churches, then Sicily city of Italy awaits for you.
  • Milan- the city holds a history of past world war all when it was nearly destroyed, but now shines as the wealthiest city of Europe. The place attracts tourist from across the globe because of the famous treasure, Leonardo da Vinci’s painting. There won’t be anything wrong if we call it a glamorous city equipped with modern architecture which doesn’t look like an Italian icon.
  • Amalfi Coast- In the series of must watch destinations in Italy Amalfi Coast attract visitors because of its extraordinary beauty. Its ritzy resorts, multicolored villas, lemon tree gardens and craggy cliffs which entice tourist to visit the place again and again. Nevertheless the coast is prized for astounding beauty and mesmerizing scenic views that’s sure to capture heart for years to come. Don’t forget to pay visit to romantic and posh town, Positano as it is a beautiful pebble beach with scenic mountains and pastel houses which will definitely make your journey worth mesmerizing.
  • Pompeii- It is one of the most famous Roman cities and hence most visited as well. It is situated near the modern city of Naples, while expiring Pompeii a traveler will come to know the everyday lifestyle of the traditional Roman World. Walking down the streets,historicarchitecture it will definitely take you to glimpses of brothels and bakeries.
  • Venice- A traveler’s itinerary will remains incomplete until and unless he visits Venice and the main attraction is its location. It is built on a lagoon which is surrounded by the Adriatic Sea. Around 118 islands are connected with each other with beautiful bridges and wonderful canals. It holds the title of the most romantic city due to its historic, picturesque waterways and historic architecture.Don’t forget to ride on a gondola which is quite popular in this overcrowded city.
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