safer journey Travel Style Indonesia: An excellent place for water and nature lover.

Indonesia: An excellent place for water and nature lover.

Indonesia no wonder holds so much in its name that tourists love to visit the place again and again. While planning your itinerary for this place one should jot down following named places in his must watch list. Perhaps his visit may remain incomplete if he didn’t watch them-

  • Ubud- This place is well known as the heart of city, Bali. It attracts millions of tourists because of its numerous art galleries and craft shops from where the tourist can buy ample sovereign to memorize his trip and of course small gifts for his family and friends. One thing which will attract you the most in Ubud is the daily dance and music performances which is carried out throughout the city.
  • Borobudur-It is one of the popular Buddhist temples worldwide. This temple was constructed with 2 million blocks of stone in the 8th and 9th centuries over 75 years of time. Temple lay hidden in the jungle for centuries, but now it has grabbed popularity of being one of the most attractive tourist places in Bali.
  • Gili island- it consists of 3 islands i.e. Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air. It is an excellent place to relax where you will not come acquainted with the noise of bikes and cars. In Sasak, Gili means “small island” and you will find many islands with Gili in its name on the coast of Lombok. It’s an excellent place for the globetrotter who wishes to relax and enjoy the peace while travelling.
  • The Komodo National Park- This park is situated near Lesser Sunda islands which includes 3 large islands such as: Padar, Rincah, and Komodo along with 26 smaller islands. The island derived its name from world’s largest reptile Dragon which could reach at 3 meters height and weight over 70 kg.
  • Torajaland- Torajans are popular for building a massive peak roof house and for performing horrific funeral rites. The dead body is kept for several years and funeral ceremony lasts for several days and finally it is buried in a hollow tree or in a small cave.
  • Bunaken- It is an excellent place for water lovers as it is famous for scuba diving. One of the amazing feature of Bunaken is that you will find around 70 % of all species of Western Pacific Ocean’s fish over here. People who wish to visit the Bunaken then April to November is the right time to explore the place.
  • Mount Bromo- situated at 2329 meters height, Bromo is well known as an active volcano. The place has grabbed popularity amongst the travelers and has bagged the title of most-visited tourist place in Java and Indonesia. While visiting the place a globe trotter will find that the volcano top has been blown off and constant white smoke erupts from it. You will find sea of sand surrounding Mount Bromo and a view that you will love to watch.
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