safer journey Travel Style If excitement is what you are looking at, then Singapore is the right place for you.

If excitement is what you are looking at, then Singapore is the right place for you.

Singapore is the place which is most visited for its Commerce-trade quality as it is the place which helps in flourishing the business and is the easiest place to start a business with. The City is loaded with a multicultural population and tropical climate. While visiting Singapore one should not forget that it is one of the hottest destinations forthe businessman and the following are the places that makes it hot amongst the visitors-

  • Merlion park- It’s one of the most beautiful parks, which one should not miss out to visit while exploring Singapore. 28 feet Merlin Statue which has a lion’s head with a fish’s body very well states that the city justify fishing village origin. It also presents mesmerizing Marina Bay’ view. It is an iconic symbol representing proud of Singapore.
  • Singapore flyer- It’s a world’s largest wheel from where the enthusiast traveler can enjoy 360 views with history and landmarks which runs along Singapore River. Nevertheless,it’s going to be your journey of dreams which will help you understand the Singapore’s history and interesting tales behind this flyer. It’s very romantic as the visitor catches the views of the gorgeous night once he is at the top of this observation wheel. Moreover, a tourist can also enjoy 4 course sky dining with a personal butler.
  • Singapore night safari- Night Park is another center of attraction of the place which steals the heart and forcestourists to visit the place again and again. The Tram will take you on the joyride of the world’s first wildlife night park,which starts from the Himalayan foothills to equatorial Africa. This 40 minute journey will no doubt make you feel your pulse feel hard when you will see tapirs, lions, tigers and many other wild animals from close distance. A traveler will see more than 1000 animals and this is surely going to be one of the lifetime experiences being in the city.
  • Duck tour-Next very enjoyable experience which a globetrotter enjoys in the city is the Duck tour. It is liked by both local and tourists visitors. This land and sea adventure will help you know Singapore’s skyline, bay area and historical landmarks closely. In addition, Ducktainers make your ride enjoyable with their entertaining nature.
  • Sentosa island- If you are looking for spas, entertainment, beaches, nature walks then you should not miss Singapore’s playground. It attracts plenty of tourists amongst all age groups. The Good thing about this place is that it is open throughout the year and while planning your itinerary don’t forget to add on this island.
  • Gardens by the bay- The super park scattered around 101 hectare area commonly known as Gardens by the bay presents heart capturing views of Marina Bay Skyline. As the place is surrounded with tropical palm trees, beautiful pavilions and the greenery scenic view make it a perfect place to enjoy your picnics with near and dear ones.
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