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Hong Kong’s best shopping guide

Without a question, Hong Kong is a great shopping area. The retail heaven is known as the “ZERO sales levy.” Not only are a number of items accessible online, but you also search and purchase them in countless ways. European styles of air-conditioned stores, local markets, air shows and fashion fighting shops hang here along with Asian ones. Here’s a completion of the city’s best stores.

Best Shopping Centers:

The Harbor City (shopping center of 450 stores open to sun from 10 am until 10 pm), Island Beverley (a four-floor shopping center consisting of more than 100 shops with one shoebox), and Goldfish (sale of pet-fish and in particular goldfish that are representation of good fortune) are among the biggest and greatest shopping area people to visit.

What to buy?

Sam has been doing since 1957 Hong Kong for its simple, high-quality and affordable tailoring. His modest store has dressed up prominent Hollywood and royal personalities, while Sam is normally invited to design the fittings for his private suite!


Departmental or chain shop assistants seldom have the opportunity to make sales, but you can try to trade in owners ‘ shops and definitely on markets. Walk away! Move home! Walk away! It never fails to that the seller’s price even if you are sometimes not involved in what it sells.

Defensive shopping:

For anything on the street, search also rates before shopping in a few stores. Shoppers try to fool visitors by actually overcharging them the most common way. Most items do not have price tags in some electronic stores in the Tsim Sha Tsui visitor shopping district. The best way to avoid overloading is in several shops and check the prices before purchasing.


Style products and boutiques — In malls such as the IFC and Central Market, Times Square in Causeway Bay, Pacific Place in Admiralty, and Harbor City in Tsim Sha Tsui, there are the perfect places to find worldwide style labels and department shops. Some of these retail outlets, such as Prada, offer off-season items at discounted prices at Horizon Plaza in Ap Lei Chau.

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Street markets-The minimum requirements in Tsim Sha Tsui, whether local and imported from mainland or Korea, fill up with everything trendy and stylish. For a really local shopping experience! Usually when you purchase more than one thing, you will obtain a lower price. You will end up looking very trendy for very little if you have a good eye.

Gems and Jewelry:

Yau Ma Tei’s Jade Market is exciting, but it’s better to confine yourselves to small transactions, unless you have experience of jade as costs and choices are immense.

Cultural Tips:

In Chinese culture it is important to give and receive business cards. Also do remember to carry it with you and hold it in two pockets.

Local handicrafts and artisanal items to pick up on your trip:

Regional art and designs to find on your journey:

  • Chinese medicine, milk, small bakeries.
  • Chop Alley: vendors along this road are going to translate Chinese names and grave the characters onto the stone seals known as the chops, typically used in the signature with red ink. The next day is typically a pick-up, when you arrive early. Man Wa Drive, past Queen’s Way, just off the beach of Bonham.
  • Cat Strait: An open-air “attic” of memorabilia, castoffs and artifacts from the old age in the south of Hong Kong. Mao-era Life-Size Posters; ancient exhibits, typewriters and sewing machines; statuary and writing equipment; and the Chinese Tourist Tchotchkes, unavoidable in mass production. Upper Lascar Line, next to Man Mo Temple, and Central, Hollywood Avenue.
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