The Maldives is one the best holiday destination ideas you will ever think off. Tourists consider the place as another arranged on an island. They call the underwater world as nature’s sunken garden.  The shocking white-sand beaches are maybe the best on the planet. Together putting all the beaches in the Maldives, they will be called as the Indian Ocean’s heaven.

Resorts they give in the Maldives are private and everybody gets their own particular resort with 5-star quality services. These islands have the best diving and swimming services on the planet on the reasonable waters.

Maldives vacation

Here are some delightful spots that you can explore on your Maldives vacation:

Hammerhead Point

Hammerhead point is an ambitious diving point for the visitors on Maldives vacation where hammerhead sharks, mantas, and some big pelagic fishes wander frequently. The waters here are crystal clear and the dives start before dawn to offer the visitors the best scenery.

People on Maldives vacation don’t settle with just one dive, they go on to an underground water safari to explore the sea life. To give the better experience for the visitors, they also offer the night diving under guidance.

Maldives vacation

Ari Atoll

It is one of the natural atolls of the Maldives, cantered on vast, gorgeous and pleasing oval shaped shallow stippled with reefs. The place has got its place on Maldives vacation because of its excellent diving sites and stellar beaches.

The nutrient-rich water in large channels flows into the open sea which attracts many beautiful creatures and visitors from all over the world. The residences here also have attractive views from the lawns at affordable prices.

Maldives vacation

Hanifaru Bay

The bay has got the reputation of breeding the manta rays and whale sharks, which gives a golden opportunity for the Maldives vacation visitors to see the sea giants while snorkeling. The best time to visit the place is between May to November.

The resorts here offer 5-star quality services and people say that they feel like living in a heaven rather enjoying the Maldives vacation. Despite all the rules here, Maldives is one of the thrilling confrontations with nature.

Maldives vacation


A small-sized Maldives capital is crowded, a fascinating place and the best opportunity for the visitors on Maldives vacation to see the real colour of the island’s culture from resort Buffet and the infinity pool. The place is fully covered with coloured buildings and surrounded by the clear greenish-blue waters.

Male is also described as the place which pleasingly weird, contains alcohol-free cafes and restaurants and lively markets. The island might not have many sights to present the visitors but it has the real Maldives feel in its atmosphere.

Maldives vacation


The island is well known for the guests who look for unwinding from their Maldives vacation in the beaches for sun-bathing with a few drinks near the floating bars. The island is the Maldives’ cosmopolitan and increasingly inhabited island.

Maldives vacation

The island gets crowded because of the less expensive and moderate costs of the guesthouses for the tourists on their Maldives vacation. The waters are plenteous of the lovely modest fish and coral greenery enclosures which are ideal for the children to play.

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