safer journey Travel Russia Get to know all about holiday destinations in Moscow

Get to know all about holiday destinations in Moscow

Being the most economically developed city in Russia Moscow is the capital of Russia. With the population of 13.5 million people, it is among the populated place in Russia. Among the two federal cities of Russia; Moscow is one of them. It is also the largest city in Russia. It is among the world’s largest city. It is the center hub of cultural, economic, scientific and political in Russia. It is a good choice for the perfect holiday destinations; the expense can be more than your estimated budget travel expense. In a survey by Forbes Moscow had been ranked 1st in the list of top most expensive places.

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Details about visiting spots, travel, and food in Moscow

Restaurants to eat

Savva– This place serves the best European with other international dishes. You can start a healthy breakfast from here to a romantic dinner with your beloved one.

Dolkabar- This place is best known for its Italian dishes. It serves Italian, European and other international dishes. The main motive of this restaurant is to serve the customer best and inspire them to visit next time.

Café pouchkine– it is a rooftop café. It is busy serving the people for 24 hours. You can start your breakfast and end with you dinner over here. Seafood is the best food of the place.

 Activities that one must do when they’re in Moscow

One must visit laboratory 33, it the best place for creating good memories. The place is built underground. You have to collect data from different corners so that you can escape. You are left inside there for an hour and need your own way to escape. One must not miss the chance to have an experience.

Must visit the Sokolniki Park- It was earlier a hunting spot. Now it is for entertainment purpose. You go cycling, boating or gaming. The food court is also available here so you need not worry about the food even you are spending your whole day. it is the best place to visit with your families.

Akvanavt diving center– It is a diving center which teaches you about diving in the sea. You will enjoy all kind of water activities. The trainers are very helpful in making you comfortable if you are visiting the diving center for the first time. This will make you feel light and easy to learn the task.

Other famous holiday destinations of Moscow:

  • GUM mall for a shopping destination
  • Okhotny Ryad shopping mall best underground mall for clothes shopping.
  • House of the book an individual shop for buying any books.

The Kremlin is one of the best holiday destinations. It indicates the whole of Russia and is also the ancient place of Russia. A trip to Moscow is worth of money. Though you see various new technologies used here, the place also connects to the ancient time. This place has its own importance in the field of tourism as there are numerous things that attract the visitors.

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