safer journey Travel Style For all those history lovers who wish to explore the hidden treasures of the past, Sri Lanka is for you.

For all those history lovers who wish to explore the hidden treasures of the past, Sri Lanka is for you.

Sri Lanka is one of the most visited islands in the world because of its finest islands and miniature size which has pulled travelers for centuries. You will find palm fringed shores, rare spices, magnificent elephants and precious stones once you visit the place. Geographers has compared it with the teardrop or the shape of a pearl. Apart from this magnificent introduction, there are ample must visit places in Sri Lanka which will definitely take your breath away. Have a look-

  • Kandy and the hill city-The most interesting thing which you get here is the landscape which is full of nurture and nature. Green hills represent a dramatic peak view and its surprisingly rugged. Moreover the slopes which are covered with tea gardens are nicely trimmed and more of it presents a toy like the view and the mist clouds which covers the hills add on to the layer of mystery.
  • Sigiriya- It is a must visit place because of its 1500 years old painted frescoes which is located around 90m up the rock and interested people need to walk down onto a spiral staircase to catch the glimpse of this wonderful painting which has made the place cross the benchmark of popular destination and now has entered into world heritage site. It is a famous pilgrimage of Srilankans.
  • Polonnaruwa- it is one of the ancient, compact and medievalcity of Sri Lanka which holds 12th century stone sculpturescomprising 3 massive Buddha figures. This statue is regarded as one of the most sacred monument of the country.
  • Colombo- Being a capital city of Sri Lanka it has an array of fresco cafes, shopping arcades, wonderful hotels and ample restaurants. You will find massive types of transport systemat this place. Apart from government offices and residences, cricket places you will find amazing shopping experience in its colorful shops.
  • Nuwara Eliya- It is the most famous hill station of the country which has attracted globetrotter worldwide. It is located at around 1990 meters height amongst the verdant tea plantations. It is one of the most attractive and highest towns of the nation. During colonial times it remained the favorite hill station of the English tea growers. It also holds the best golf course along with impressive Hakgala Botanical Gardens.
  • Elephant Orphanage- It is one of the most enticing places of Sri Lanka which calls for repeated visits. Not a onetime visit is enough to explore the country as it acts like a home to orphaned young elephants and babies. Around 60 elephants are looked after at this wonderful place. They are fed, bathed and cared over here. The most interesting scene is looking these elephants enjoying their daily river soaked bath.
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