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Fake It if your Flowers Can’t Take It

Wedding plans and be upended by any number of life changing events.  A sudden promotion may take away your bridesmaid or the best manmight drop out because of a conflict of interest.  Military deployments have ruined many a wedding scheme and illness or death can dash all hopes of having a cherished loved one there.  Any of these changes can happen at a moment’s notice.  A couple has to be flexible because they never know what will happen to cause them to change plans they thought were done and checked off the to-do list.

There is the story of a bride who placed her order for all the floral arrangements and then had to cancel it when she found out her fiancé grandmother had severe allergies to the grasses in the mix.  Fortunately, her aunt was an avid Groupon shopper and saved the day by bringing Balsam Hill to her attention.   She said she uses the site often in her wedding planning business, especially during the summer when flowers can really take a beating in the hot sun. She saves as much as 40% off the list price with a Groupon. Early in her career, she said she made the mistake of blowing the brides flower budget and had to use some fake flowers to fill in the gaps.  When no one noticed the difference, she started searching for a source of premium florals and found that Balsam Hill was highly recommended.  She has been using them since.


Nature provides a bounty of colorful flowers, but many are too tender to stand up in the hot humid climes of many popular weddings destinations in the summer months.  With destination weddings on the rise, couples are opting to marry along the sandy beaches of the Caribbean, and other locales.  They forego the use of fresh cut flowers in favor of native fauna that will hold up well in the bright sun, or, use an alternative to a floral bouquet.  There are many pictures online showing a variety of bouquets made from sea shells, ribbons, paper, fabric, birdcages, candy and pom-poms that are quirky and cute.   But if a bride is set on having the traditional bouquet that her mother and sisters carried, she can still pull off a beautiful floral tribute with the help of Balsam Hill.


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