safer journey GREAT TRAVEL TIPS Day Trips For Train Riders: Russia’s Golden Ring

Day Trips For Train Riders: Russia’s Golden Ring

Day Trippers

 Anyone starting their Trans-Siberian train journey in the fascinating city of Moscow will not be left wanting with things to get up to in and around the capital of Russia. Indeed, all it takes is just a little bit of spade work to uncover an array of awe-inspiring adventures to be experienced whilst spending time in Moscow before heading off on a spectacular journey during a Trans-Siberian railway trip.

Countryside lovers will be in their element as they take some time to take in the natural beauty in many regions of the Golden Ring, which can be reached in some cases in just a couple of hours train journey north east of Moscow. Of course, in order to make the most of our time spent in this region steeped in history and blessed by natural beauty, it would be wise to search for articles about this popular part of Russia. Without question, there are websites you can check that gives you ideas on how to plan your day trip in the many regions that make up the Golden Ring in Russia. These websites should be the first port of call for adventurers aspiring to witness for themselves some of the amazing sights to be discovered.

Plan Ahead

 Most seasoned travellers will not need to be told about the importance of proper planning if they truly hope to get out as much of their adventures as they are hoping for. Of course, anyone planning to take a good look around Moscow and its peripherals before embarking on a Trans-Siberian train trip are advised to find out about the more exciting things to do and see in the area.

To start your Trans-Siberian Railway Holiday planning & booking in the right way, you will need to put in an effort with regard to ensuring your entire vacation is planned like a military operation. Indeed, by ensuring we do not waste any of the time we have when visiting Moscow and the Golden Ring before starting a Trans-Siberian adventure, we are bound to be able to fully optimise the amount of enjoyment we have on our trip.

Sights To See 

 Just like planning any kind of trip in almost any part of the world, Trans-Siberian passengers that are spending time in Moscow will need to put in some thought to make sure their stay is as enjoyable as they could possibly hope for. Of course, one way of doing this would be to find out about the different sights to be visited, not just in Moscow, but also places like the Golden Ring.

In terms of making the most of a trip to the Golden Ring, it would be wise to take a look at the following places of interest to visit in this popular region of Russia:

  1. The Transfiguration Monastery
  2. The Cathedral of Saint Demetrius
  3. The Trinity Lavra of St Sergius
  4. The Museum of Wooden Architecture and Peasant Life
  5. The Music and Time Museum


There are certainly lots of fantastic sights to see in all of the areas that the jaw-dropping regions of the Golden Ring in Russia is comprised of. By being prepared to roll up our sleeves and do some online research on the kinds of things we may experience in and around the Golden Ring, we are more likely to end up with the kinds of travel stories that would make even our more seasoned-traveller friends go green with envy.

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