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Dangerous cliffs jumps around the world

Cliff jumping is an astounding and frequently unsafe past time that includes jumping off giant cliffs into the sea or other waterway. A game born in Hawaii, it has picked up fame after some time both for onlookers and members. A few areas are more unsafe than others and the most risky ones regularly are likewise the most tremendous. Taking after are eight of the most unsafe and delightful precipice bouncing areas on the planet running from the tropical shorelines of Mexico to perfectly clear pools of water in Switzerland.


AcapulcoCliff diving has been a custom in Acapulco since the forties and it is at present a standout amongst the most popular cliff divingĀ areas on the planet. The bounce is off a 45 foot bluff into the sea. Jumpers must consider the wind and the planning of the sea waves to hit the water when there is no less than four and a half meters of water covering the barbed base. Cliff divers can be watched by paying an extra charge to access a review platform.


Situated on the southern end of the Lanai island in Hawaii, an area regularly credited with the introduction of the game of bluff plunging, the Kaunolu precipice hop is a 82 foot drop into the sea. Called Kehekili’s Leap, local warriors would play out the plunge to demonstrate their valiance in this holy spot. In 2002, it was likewise the home of the third yearly Red Bull Cliff Diving occasion.

Polignano a Mare

Polignano a MareSituated in Italy, the Polignano a Mare cliff jump take-off spot is a rooftop top porch 26 meters over the Adriatic ocean. To get to the porch, one must stroll through a private lounge room. It has been a site for the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series for quite a while in succession because of its remarkable area.


A well known holiday destination in Croatia, the cliffs of Dubrovnik are famous among recreational cliffs divers. Cliff jumpers can be viewed from a progression of bars additionally arranged along the high cliffs.

La Quebradas

La QuebradasAnother well known cliff jumping spot in Mexico, the La Quebradas cliff divers are world-celebrated for hopping 135 feet into the Pacific Ocean. Travelers can watch the divers climb the cliff; ask at the sanctuary at the top and after that bounce. With a shallow arrival, divers must time their jump so they hit the water when the waves are at their most noteworthy or danger winding up in a sorry situation. There are likewise night appears with divers making the jump while holding lights. A prominent survey spot for the display is the porch of the Hotel El Mirador which is accessible for $5.

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