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Best Time To Visit Ella, Sri Lanka

That gives Ella an enticing place is that it can be enjoyed all year long, but between March and June and winter it is the best time to visit it during the year. Thanks to the travel restrictions imposed during a heavy downpour, Ella has a low season during the Monsoons.

Ella Rock – Have A Picnic

You must visit Ella Rock if you want to begin the morning with a refreshing walk. It takes around 2-3 hours to reach the end of this lovely walk–Ella Stone. The best thing is that this is one of Ella’s free activities. Tourists often lose time to admire the scenic views on an 8 km trek. There is no doubt. And if the weather is great, we recommend that you pick up some snacks because the trek has many great views. We recommend that you take a guide or a friendly place along, someone who knows the trail, since it is not well signposted.

Ravana Falls – Take A Dip

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Do you like bathing with picturesque views of water bodies? Okay, Ravana Falls is the ideal place to relax and enjoy swimming in Ella. Taking in the magnificient view of the water cascading across the bottom! Dipping into the Ravana Falls is definitely one of the enjoyable free things to do for thrill seekers and couples in Ella. Nonetheless, just make sure that you are cautious, as rocks here are slippery.

Little Adam’s Peak – Climb To The Top

As the name makes plain, it’s a smaller version of Nuwara Eliya’s iconic Adam’s Peak. The walk takes about 2-3 hours, as it is 2,243 meters long. Take regular breaks to relax and enjoy the views. A rock formation of an enormous size lies near to the top. There’s also one of Ella’s most popular treks so you can expect other travelers to be bumped into. Along the walk, you can pass lush tea plantations and tea pickers which make your Instagram feed amazing subjects. If you’re on a plan, then you are on a bonus, because this game is one of Ella’s many free activities.

Ella Tea Factory – Know How Ceylon Tea Is Made

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The famous tea plant in Ella, known as the Tea Factory in Ella, is located in Dambatenne, 9 km northeast of Haputale. The tea factory was built back in the XIXth century by the Scottish tea baron Sir Thomas Lipton, owned by Amba Estate Ecological Tea Plantation and Dambatenne Tea Factory. You can take advantage of this opportunity to learn about Ceylon tea, buy fresh made tea and a tea degustation session here. Visiting the factory and the Knowledge Centre, because of its historical significance, is one of the most special events in Ella.

Cafe Chill – Try Ella’s Local Cuisine

Get an understanding of Cafe Chill’s Sri Lankan and Western food–the perfect place to relax and appreciate local cooking. This low, quiet café is seen as one of Ella’s most popular local resorts visited by virtually all tourists. AK Ristoro, Curd Store, 360 Ella, Downtown Rotti Hut, Little Folly and Cafe Guru are some of the many popular cafes and restaurants that one must visit at Ella.

Dhowa Rock Temple – Seek Eternal Blessings

Dhowa is a small village on Badulla–Bandarawela main road in Ella. It is also classified as the Rajamaha Viharaya, which is 2 thousand years old. This site is considered to have a great historic significance and every year receives enormous numbers of tourists and pilgrims. It is also a popular place for art lovers and historians who love to watch the ancient artwork and sculptures on the Dhowa Rock Temple.

Ellawala Waterfall – Hike To This Hidden Beauty

Following Ravana Falls, seek out Ellawala Waterfall from Ravana Waterfall, which is super easy to get to. All you have to do is follow the same path farther down before you hit this incredible cascade. The best thing about this location is that it is still unused, because it is not exposed to many people and is not as famous as Ravana Waterfall. It is a charming little spot that the mind can easily miss, since it sits outside of the main road and offers security and confidentiality. A relaxing dip at the pool at the base of the cascade is one of the most fun things to do in Ella.

Ella Railway – Ride A Train Through Tea Plantations!

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You will skip this town’s best experience, if you do not enjoy driving the train through Ella. Indeed it was this thrilling train journey that made this town so famous, providing amazing views over the green hills and the rolling tea pastures! The Kandy to Ella railway journey is the most famous train journey across the whole country, bringing you to this beautiful blue train via huge open tea and rural areas. It is one of the best things to do in Ella to make your trip unforgettable with the most instagram-worthy views for travelers.

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