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Best Places To Visit In Ooty (Part-2)

Mini Car Museum – A Unique Experience

You just don’t support the thumbnails? Okay, that’s where you’re! Take a pause to explore this amazing Mini Car Museum, where over 1,000 miniature features of iconic vehicles such as Bentley, Audi, Mercedes Benz, Lamborghini, Porsche, Jaguar, and Volkswagen are exhibited.

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While small in the city, this museum is conveniently located and is a great treat for every car enthusiast and child and therefore one of Ooty’s best places for families to discover. Even, you can purchase a tiny car here when you’re here and use it as a shop!

Location: Kodappamund, Ooty, Tamil Nadu

Timings: 9:30 am – 7:30 pm

Tribal Research Center – Fall In Love With Arts

Above tea plantations and exuberant ranges. Experience next moves Tamil Nadu’s tribal culture, which will put you into love with this small mountain station’s sculpture, crafts, architecture & history. The Tribal Research Center in Ooty is one of the locations where you will learn about the civilizations of the ancient world fascinating uncommon trees and plants.

You will be directed and will learn a great deal about the history, process, cultures, and traditions of the Ooty tribes.

Location: Nanjanad Road, Muttorai Palada, Ooty, Tamil Nadu

Timings: 10 am – 5 pm (Closed on Fridays)

Ooty Boat House – For A Peaceful Afternoon

Although the boat house is situated at the same site as Ooty River, it is a thrilling tourist attraction. For those who are searching for a pleasant, relaxing afternoon or want to spice a day of fun or excitation, the Ooty Boathouse is among the finest Ooty attractions. The boat house is perfect for families with children, as it promises so much fun and excitement. This is also an excellent place to press with your loved ones before the beautiful Ooty River!

Location: Ooty Lake, Ooty, Tamil Nadu

Timings: 9 am – 6 pm

Cairn Hills – Popular Among Hikers

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You can add Cairn to the list of places you want to see in Ooty if you are an adventure search engine. This is a remarkable attraction which is renowned for its trekking trail, which is popular with climbers, nature lovers, and adventure lovers. A number of species of birds live here, both populated and migratory, rendering it a sanctuary for bird-watchers, birds, and bird-watchers. Also, a watchtower here allows people to see the nearby mountains and valleys with panoramic views.

Location: Avalanche Road

Timings: Open 24X7

Tea Park – A Dreamy Destination

If you want to move into a dreamy tea estate instead of staring at it from a distance, then it is the perfect place to visit. Essentially, the Ootian Government has established a tea garden in order to allow tourists to immerse themselves in the unique sensation that they are in the tea field, plucking and sniffing the scent of lovely tea leaves without disturbing the natural environment unintentionally.

In the park, there is also a tea shop where you can sample a variety of popular Ooty tea, like Masala tea, vanilla tea, etc.

Location: Ooty, Tamil Nadu

Tiger Hill – Take Amazing Pictures

The real way to hypocritically appreciate the views of the TIger Peak, one of the best places in Ooty. The view of a water body, calm, especially at sunset, is fantastic and panoramic. Grant yourself the chance to take some awesome photos while you explore the area. You will enjoy the best adventure sports in Ooty, in addition to this.

Key attractions: Doddabetta Peak, a water reservoir and a cave, colonial-style cottages

Timings: Avoid visiting early morning and late-night due to fog

Thread Garden – Admire The Art

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When you search for a great tour guide, you’ll find it! For a rare and artful experience, visit the Thread Garden in Ooty. An artificial environment, plants, and flowers are created of wires and strings–you haven’t seen anything before. The workmen have weaved everything with their hands in 12 years, a skillful craft and masterpiece. It’s time to visit Ooty for another time to better appreciate the “Four-Dimensional Hand-Wound Embroidery.”

Key attractions:  Ooty Lake, Nilgiri Mountain Railway and St. Stephen’s Church

Timings: 9 am to 5 pm

Tibetan Market – Find Affordable Items

A very common name is the Tibetan sector as it is very prominent in all the Indian mountainous stations. The Tibetan town, like all the tourist sites in Ooty, has its own particularities. You can find a wide array of woolen garments, perforated necklaces and branded pieces at extremely reasonable rates.

Key attractions: Botanical Gardens, Sacred Heart Cathedral, Tribal Research Center

Timings: 9 am to 7:30 am

Katary Falls – Freshen Up

Katary Falls is another of the most beautiful places in Ooty. You can also entertain yourself by sleeping by the waterfalls, charmed by lush valleys and fresh air all around. In the nearby inexpensive Ooty guest houses, you can have a bath or refresh yourself, which offers the best experience. This is Nilgiri’s third largest waterfall, dropping 180 ft high. If you want, here’s Mother Nature’s best shots!

Key attractions: Nilgiri Mountain Railway, Rose Garden, Botanical Gardens

Timings: Anytime

Elk Hill Murugan Temple – Pray The Lord

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It’s time to believe in God and visit this beautiful temple in Ooty. As a visitor, you will have to ascend about 108 stairs to a Hindu temple and worship spot. Although it does not become a popular Ooty sightseeing destination among the prominent temples in South India owing to the amazing views from the peak. It really is a beautiful environment and a location for both–metaphysical rewards and natural insights.

Key attractions: Avalanche Lake, Rose Garden, Thunder World

Timings: 8 am to 5 pm

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