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Best Places to Visit in India in June

Tirthan Valley

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Tirthan Valley is one of the cold destinations for India if you want campsites and fire in June. This valley is located nearer the river Tirthan and is noted for its various glaciers. This offbeat spot is well-known in June for tourist fishing, crossing the river, bird watching, trekking, hiking, and camping. To the younger travelers, hiking woodland with fire is the biggest adventure draw.


To all stages of trekking, Kasol is a very popular hiking destination. If you intend to spend a June holiday in India, pick the tiny hill town for yourself. The Parvati mountain valleys are nestled near Kasol. Kasol is also well known for reggae bars, thermal baths, bakery, and others, in addition to trekking and fishing.

Kasol has recently earned popularity with dance gatherings, EDM gatherings, and other hippies. You should experience a comfortable and friendly environment when you visit in June. For backpackers and night camper, Kasol is also a delight.


Malana is the perfect place to try a spectacular spot in a breathtaking paradise. Malana is 9,500 meters above level, nearer to Kasol. This is a small hill town, listed as the world’s oldest democracy.

This town is known for its artistic traditions and its conventional lifestyles. This village is popular amongst travelers for cycling, climbing, camping and other sports, covering in the Parvati mountain valleys. Visitors from June enter Malana for adventure time by trekking from Nerang.


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Kanatal is a small hill country, with rivers, mountains, and valleys in it. For explorers, Kanatal is one of the best tourism destinations. The area is popular for events such as bridge jumping, biking, rappelling, flying fox, valley hopping, cycling, hiking, fishing, etc. June offers Kanatal a pleasant environment, enabling visitors to spend a lot of time outside.


The city of Himalayas is renowned for its breathtaking views. If you can’t skip Golu Devta’s Chitai Temple in the area.


The climate of Shillong is good and the weather is outstanding in June. The place is filled with waterfalls, cultural features, streams, views, etc. This location is popular among romantic travelers but has also a rejuvenating way of thought. In addition to sightseeing, the site is renowned for boating, trekking, scoring, hunting, kayaking and horse riding. June is the time to buy orange natural honey.


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The rough landscape of Spiti and its budgetary society are best experienced in summer and monsoon, along with its unparalleled beauty. In June Spiti has a beautiful environment that helps you to explore and appreciate the mountains, monasteries, etc. People love traveling across the valleys and hiking and enter the monasteries to appreciate their rites and traditions overnight. The roads are accessible and harder to navigate since June has a nice environment.

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