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Best places to Shop in Singapore

Singapore is an island country in Southeast Asia. It is well developed and it ranks 3rd in the list of top GPD countries.  It is also among the most expensive countries of the world. Singapore is well equipped with educational, financial, health, manufacturing, technological, entertainment industries. It also has good sources of human capital. This country is the 3rd largest financial center of the world. This was a short description of Singapore. With such a stunning economy, shopping in Singapore will be a little expensive but it will be an excellent one. Let’s move on to the shopping destinations of Singapore.

shopping in Singapore

List of some places for shopping in Singapore

  • Suntee city mall- Suntee city mall is among the biggest mall in the city. It includes 300 different stores inside. One can start with their parlor and take the whole day to end up with their home accessories. The mall has children playing court, few food courts, parlors, and saloon and also some indoor sports court too. If you have a day in your hand and more than a thousand bucks in your pocket then this place is best for your shopping as one can get the entire necessaries under one roof.
  • Marine square- if you love branded clothes and materials then you must step in Marine Square. The dream for shopping in Singapore will come true only when you get into Marine Square mall. With international brands collection, this mall is the most expensive mall in the city. You get the best quality product at the best price. One can grab the discount and offers at the time of festivals and events. One needs to fill their purse and pocket hard in order to shop from here
  • Tanglin mall- in order to start your shopping in Singapore starts with Tanglin mall, it is among the best mall. With reasonable price and good quality products, this mall grabs most numbers of customers. One can get the entire things under one roof. This mall has the latest collection of clothes and also the food court of the mall contains some international dishes.
  • ION Orchard-among the best spot for shopping in Singapore, ION Orchard mall is one of them. The mall contains all the latest fashion collections and equipment. It is also the best mall for children as the mall contains big children games court. Apart from its collection and facilities the structure and the designs of the building is another reason for people to visit here. The mall is well furnished with crafted glass and mirrors, this enhances the outer look of the complex.

List of some places for shopping in Singapore at a low price

  • Flea market
  • Scape
  • Bugis street
  • Luck plaza
  • City Plaza
  • Thrift store

Now, we have got the list of shopping destinations of Singapore. One can start their shopping in Singapore from the best shopping complex. As the city is expensive so one must keep their wallet filled with cash and cards. The complex is rich with many beautiful materials so it becomes hard for the people to stop themselves from buying the products. Get the best product at the best price from Singapore if ever you visit the city.

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