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Best Historical Places In Mauritius

You can also discover the fascinating and obscure stuff about these ancient heritages as you decide to go for a holiday in Mauritius.

Martello Tower

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The British designed the five towers back in 1800 to defend their colonies from the French, who apparently tried to intimidate the slaves. The tower at La Preneuse is now a museum where specialists demonstrate the amazing tower construction. Such towers seem to be all three meters high, with copper cannons that could fire around 2 km.

Eureka House

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Built as a grand house in the early 1800s, the site is now a museum that offers a glimpse into the country’s colonial past. The house itself has tropical architectural features with roughly 109 doors and many spaces to preserve a cool place even when summers are sparkling. The position consists of several antiques, furniture pieces, cartes and servant districts and kitchens dating back to┬áthe French East India Company. This is really the one iconic Mauritius house you should not forget, regardless!

Le Morne

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This location is without question one of Mauritius ‘ most famous historical sites and is another UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a mountain just southwest of the island that sheltered several slaves that had tried to escape from their owners. Because of the difficult and unreachable topography of the area, the slaves who have come here have formed their own societies. This position is an immense emblem of their struggle for freedom and the inherent nature of man.

Citadel Fort

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This military house, which was also known as Fort Adelaide, was built by the British in the 19th century. The city, Port Louis, and the harbour are panoramic views from the top. The former barracks is converted into shops where visitors would buy souvenirs.

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