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5 Things to Add to Your Marco Island Itinerary

Some people head to their vacation on Marco Island, Florida, with only the beach on their itinerary. But Marco Island offers fun and educational options for visitors of any age, such as the five offerings below.

Cape Romano

Southwest of Marco Island sits Cape Romano. Although it’s a beautiful place to visit, it’s not the cape that makes it top the list of things to do on your vacation. During the 1980s, an oil producer surveyed the land and bought four adjacent lots to build his beach vacation home. He created a modern home that’s now abandoned.

The house is impressive in its own right, but what draws all the visitors is the fact that the shoreline has moved so significantly that the now abandoned home resides 180 feet offshore. It currently is a popular attraction, fishing spot, and snorkeling and diving location.

Collier Boulevard Shopping

Enjoy the best shopping on Marco Island by heading to Collier Boulevard. As one of the main roads on Marco Island, you can find small boutiques, a large shopping mall, and some smaller shopping plazas in between. Check out the hotels on Collier Boulevard to put you in the middle of all the action during your Marco Island stay. You can find shops offering clothes, souvenirs, jewelry, and art at many different price points. Enjoy this fun place to shop for any budget.

Keewaydin Island

Keewaydin Island is loved by both visitors and locals. Accessible only by boat, the island offers no roads, which means no cars. Rent a boat for the day to take in the views, watch for dolphins, go fishing, or anchor and head to the beach. You can pack a picnic, or you can buy ice cream or something more substantial from one of the boats serving food and beverages.

If you don’t want to rent an entire boat, you could also take the Hemingway Water Shuttle or rent jet skis to get to the island.

Briggs Nature CenterĀ 

If you want to enjoy a bit of nature during your visit, head to the Briggs Nature Center. You can take your family on an easy nature hike around the grounds or join a guided tour. The nature center also offers kayaks to experience the facility by water while getting exercise as well.

Consider a moonlight or early morning kayak tour to see and learn more about the conservatory efforts and the animals that live in the nature center while you enjoy the sunrise or the sunset.

Marco Island Historical Museum

Although most people are interested only in the beaches of Marco Island, consider adding the historical museum to your itinerary. Visiting the museum is a way to educate yourself on the Island’s history and significance to North American archaeology. You can learn about the Key Marco Cat, the island’s past as a pineapple plantation, and its significant growth in the 1960s that turned the island into its modern version.

Marco Island has plenty to offer. Make sure you get off the beach to discover other experiences on the island.

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