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5 Best Historical Places In Mauritius

Mauritius island is one of the world’s most popular honeymoon destinations. Mauritius is recognized as the Multicultural Destination of Indian, Africo-French and Chinese Africans for its beaches, flora and nature, and its picturesque scenery. Here Europeans were fascinated by the tropical climate on the island and its history was extraordinary. Between the sixteenth and twentieth centuries, the Dutch, the French and the British dominated. Throughout Mauritius, there are many famous sites that you need to visit to help you better appreciate the place’s history.

1. Aapravasi Ghat

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A UNESCO UNESCO World Heritage Site or Aapravasi Ghat is a series of buildings used by Indian connected staff in the day. There is now a learning center at the seaside venue. More information on various structures can be obtained from guided tours and rests here. The parapheralia are likewise augmented by life-size models, making the place genuinely stunning.

A reflection of the history and traditions of colonization is in the depot, one of the most important places in Mauritius. Between 1850 and 1923 about 500 000 people were brought to numerous colonies around the globe through Britain.

2. Baie De l’Arsenal Or Arsenal Bay

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In that bay area named Arsenal Sea, in the north of the country, are the remains of the French Arsenal. The Arsenal settlement, one of Mauritius ‘ lesser-known historical locations, was the birthplace of a French foundry making cannon and other military supplies. But it was ruined in 1774, as around 300 slaves were killed by a blast. You will actually visit the grounds to see the ruins if you are at the Hotel Maritim.

3. La Route Du Thé (Bois Cheri)

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Bois Cheri is a popular tea plantation, one of La Route du Thé’s three main stops. Such tea gardens cover an area of some 250 hectares, about 12 kilometers from the popular Anguilles River. You can book a tour of the grounds and learn more about the past and the operations of the planting and to become one of the must-visit historic places in Mauritius.

There is also a showroom that displays the decades of this site’s history. Teas can be tested at the end of the tour.

4. St. Aubin House

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The plantation of St. Aubin has been one of Mauritius ‘ finest historic sites and is nearly two hundred years old. In the 1970s, the plant was relocated and sugar was no longer played with. The rum distillery now resides in the lawns of this enormous building. A vanilla house is also open, spices greenhouse, tropical forest. The guided tour around the house and its various areas, including the popular sugar factory, will carry you along with you. The Mauritian Five-Course brunch, based on banana, mango and ananas, always gives you the mood right.

5. Beau Plan Sugar Mill

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The Beau Plan is another sugar enterprise and is used as a museum, putting it on each list of Mauritius ‘ best historic sites. The show here covers the history of sugar, the history of the country, rum trading and slavery.

The ride lasts between 2 and 3 hours. The factory itself opened in 1797 and was sold in 1999 at the turn of the century. There are also immersive videos and workshops in the Museum that provide you with more details on the history of the place. Yeah, everyone tastes about fifteen sugar styles at the end of the tour, all of which were first discovered in Mauritius itself.

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