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3 Best TImes to Visit Carolina Beach

North Carolina’s Carolina Beach is a not-so-secret hotspot that’s popular with locals and visitors from all points. The beach is a significant factor, of course, but the charming town is also home to an array of annual festivals that highlight music, art, and food. You can visit during any season and discover a seaside event that pleases one or more of your senses.

May: For the Art 

The Carolina Beach Street Arts Festival celebrates the coming of spring with a full day of visual arts and creativity. In addition to paintings, sculptures, and other crafts, the performing arts enjoy their own celebration by way of skits, plays, and performance pieces that occur directly in the street. The culinary arts are likewise celebrated, and since the festival runs from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., you can please your palette for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Take part in a variety of demonstrations, ranging from cooking techniques to art tutorials. It’s a fantastic attraction for the kids, too. There’s an area devoted to interactive art that will let their imaginations run wild. Perhaps the best part is the festival is free to attend, so you can save your money and spend it on local treasures. In 2018, it’s on May 5.

June: For the Music

On the first Saturday of June, the Carolina Beach Music Festival ushers in the summer. In 2018, the festival takes place on June 2. Currently, there are no set ticket prices, and the time frame is still up in the air, but residents and yearly visitors will attest that it’s always worth the price—and the trip.

The Pleasure Island Chamber of Commerce hosts the annual event, which includes a full day of live music from the best beach musical acts. The festival bills itself as the only one of its kind in the state — that is, it’s the only festival that occurs directly on the beach. It’s entering its 33rd year in 2018, which also makes it one of the most enduring music festivals in the country.

October: For the Food

October 13–14, 2018 is the 25th Annual Pleasure Island Seafood, Blues & Jazz Festival livens up the seashore. The event frames itself around soulful music, but the food features heavily. Two stages host some of the hottest blues and jazz acts from across the country. You can listen to any tune that strikes your fancy while devouring local seafood prepared by the most skillful chefs in the area. It’s generally still warm enough to set up beach blankets or chairs on the sand.

The event takes place at the Fort Fisher Military Recreation Area, which is in nearby Kure Beach. Find Carolina Beach hotels through Hotel Planner to snag a spot that’s close to the festival. You won’t have to travel far to enjoy the weekend.

Carolina Beach has events all year round, which makes it that much easier to plan a trip there. What draws you to the beach?


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