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10 Best Places To Visit In Southeast Asia In 2020!

The best places to visit South-East Asia have everything, be it the best beaches or the most unique hills. When it comes to making you want a great holiday, you are spellbinding, magical and completely sensual. And the fact that most of these locations can be visited in only one week is what makes them even more unique. And, because you’ll come back from those paradises when they realize that you don’t have to too much persuade your employer or relatives.

1. Singapore

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Singapore is one of Southeast Asia’s popular sights and a well built, technologically prosperous region. Whether it’s a trip with your kids or a nice stay with your precious one, this location can always be an excellent experience. Is it not South East Asia’s greatest country to visit? Hands down, it is. It’s hands down.

2. Kota Kinabalu – Malaysia

In addition to the islands of Kuala Lumpur and Perhentian, if Malaysia has one location, it’s Kota Kinabalu. New markets, scenic boardwalks, beaches, and mosques are some of this city’s top attractions that make it completely soul-satisfying for your stay in south-east Asia.

3. Phi Phi Islands – Thailand

This is one of the most stunning places to visit South East Asia. Travel to your next holiday in the lush green surroundings. Sunrise and descriptions of the sunset on the beautiful sandy beach. You can also experience snorkeling and diving here if you’re an adventurous person.

4. Bali – Indonesia

Bali has been a famous place to visit in Southeast Asia in locations like Kuta, Ubud, and others. Regardless of when the year arrives, this spot remains a tropical paradise giving its visitors the finest level of luxury and convenience in the lap of nature. So, if you want to have a nice beach holiday, go to this location.

5. Gili Islands – Indonesia

These three islands are great to get away from your busy day to day, situated in northwestern Indonesia off the coast of Lombok. The mere fact that there are only horse wagons and bikes as vehicles are not permitted brings you back in time and offers you plenty of peace. This is, without doubt, one of the areas in Southeast Asia that is to be explored.

6. Phnom Penh – Cambodia

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Phnom Penh is a traveler’s paradise, one of Asia’s most visited towns. During the month of November to March, the city of Cambodia attracts a huge number of tourists and if the crowd is dissected, they can explore the city from May to October. Explore the variety of food and spend time there at a nearby café.

7. Hanoi – Vietnam

Vietnam’s capital is inspired by the amazing culture of Southeast Asia, China, and France. The town has stunning temples and other attractions that render it one of Southeast Asia’s most popular places to visit. Relish the food on your way here.

8. Bohol – Philippines

Experiencing some of South-East Asia’s most beautiful locations, travel to the Philippines. Based in the central Visaya of the Philippines, this village is renowned for its rare chocolate hills and the spectacular coral reefs. If you’re looking for a place that is not too far from here, but also offers unique experiences, don’t really worry much and visit here right away.

9. Si Phan Don – Laos

Often named the 4,000 islands, this location in southern Laos is one of South-East Asia’s most beautiful places to have a rucksack break. Here are magical sights, including waterfalls, paddy fields, and temples, which render it a great touristic destination for those seeking experience.

10. Sihanoukville – Cambodia

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Sihanoukville is the popular beach destination in Cambodia for all the tourists coming to relax and unwind all year round. Make sure you work on this great tan as you lounge on the beach after a boring day. Snorkeling and other water sport activities can also be experienced.

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